Featured Imperfectionist ~ Gea Visser

We are so excited to be featuring an Imperfectionist each week!

This week we are talking with the talented Gea Visser.  She will be judging the theme Double Exposure.

 Closer to me-12013

When did you come to love photography?

I got my first instant camera, when I was around 15, but I really started getting into photography when I was a student and got my first SLR. I actually used my photography as part of the community involvement strategy in one of the development aid projects in Indonesia, I was involved in. In my life before kids we lived and traveled abroad a lot, and most of my pictures in those days would fall into the category of travel photography; exotic people and places. Then, when our kids were young, they of course became my main subject. Now they are teenagers and unfortunately I rarely get them in front of my camera anymore. So, lately I’ve focused more on landscape, and macro-photography, which complements my other great passion, which is gardening.

zinnia-backlight (1 of 1)

What inspires you?

Photography, to me, was always a way to record and hold onto places, moments and things of beauty that caught my eye. Being able to create impressions of this beauty through my photography brings me joy and inspiration. Lately, nature and architecture have been my main muses. I can find beauty in anything and everywhere. It could be a row of trees, patterns on a rock, the colours of the pavement , a dilapidated building, a dying flower, the play of light and shadow on a wall…

L'Abbaye Blanche-Church Chairs-2013-5

What keeps you going when you feel like you are in a rut?

If I feel uninspired, I just go out into my garden or in nature and walk around with my camera. I may use a macro-lens or my Lensbaby and experiment with things like camera movement. After downloading the images, most of them may be unremarkable, but every now and then I find a little gem there, or a glimpse of an idea for the next time I go out shooting. A change of environment is usually helpful too; visiting a different area or a city for an afternoon is always inspiring. Also, taking classes and sharing on blogs like this one, has definitely pushed me creatively.


Why do you love the flaws in art?

I love it when things are a bit different, a bit unusual or odd. I makes me look closer/deeper. I feel there is too much emphasis on perfection and norm these days. I feel we should embrace uniqueness, it is so much more interesting than “normal”. I love experimenting with moving my camera and multiple exposures, to create a more impressionistic view of what I see. Often the result will highlight the very thing that caught my eye in that moment, much more than any “normal” image would. Color, texture, shape, light and shadow become the main focus.

Painting my view

Who is your favorite photographer and what inspired you about them?

When I was a student I used to collect B&W postcards of famous photographers like Cartier-Besson and Doisneau. But, to be honest, I don’t follow/study any particular photographers at the moment. I do come across lots of wonderful photography on the internet, which I really love and appreciate. But, often I feel almost overwhelmed by it; the amount of visual stimulation and creative talent out there is incredible! If anything, looking at other people’s work sometimes makes me feel inadequate. Also, I am not necessarily inspired by the style of certain photographers, but I feel inspired by their creative energy and the sharing that I have experienced in for example this group and on Clickinmoms.

The haunted wood-B&W-2013-2

What are your goals for next year?

For me 2013 was the year I finally invested some serious time and money in my photography. I want to continue to to learn, grow and share my photographic impressions and hopefully get my work more exposed….

frozen leaves (1 of 1)

What is one advice you have received that you would like to share with other photographers?

I grew up with the dogma to get it right in camera. Since learning Lightroom, only last year, I have come to appreciate and embrace the creative possibilities of post-processing. Something that I have now come to enjoy (almost) as much as using my camera. On a more general note I would say to everyone: Be you, and create what you enjoy creating.

helenium haze (2 of 3)

If you want to see more of Gea please follow her work on the Distorted Beauty Blog

and check out her amazing work at Gea Visser Photography.


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